scaling fences in the wee morning hours and skipping work to prance in the park, cheetles can't deny a solid adventure. they’re badass cyclists and whimsical illustrators, cat lovers and urban farmers, killer babes, tech-smarties, and pastry chefs—rad ladies of all sorts who appreciate oddities, awkwardness, wit, raw beauty, and a good thrill. cheetles order another round and twirl long after the show is over. they creep and tell. they yip. they smirk. sometimes a bit naughty, but always nice. 

and of course, cheetles swoon for other cheetles. we ain’t tripping on that girl-vs-girl animosity. drama is for chumps. more ratty, fearless cats equal more good times and sneaky shenanigans.

the og cheetles: 

amber & brit are bffs and roommates and business partners…ya, so cute we could barf, too.

amber: a curious cathy and secretly nosy neighbor. this blond witch from the midwest crushes the city streets on her favorite two wheels, black bat. hours are spent indulgently practicing handstands, cooking up veggie feasts, and writing stories.

brit: this one has a penchant for solving mysteries. the sassy, reno-raised creep kicks high and confounds strangers with her natural wit. if she’s not analyzing podcasts or eating pizza, she’s probably aggressively petting her fat cat, sebastian.