hi. we're still here. hi.

oh ya, we're on the radio.

tune in to the cheetles! we've got a weekly radio show every Friday on BFF.fm- Best Frequencies Forever: a new SF station with all kinds of cool local cats on the DJ roster. we're pretty stoked to be a part of the deal. stream yourself some psych, garage rock, and whatever kinds of weird black magic we send into the air. we'll probably tell secrets and we may have whisky breath. ok. that's a given.

come & get it already: Fridays from 6-8pm PST @ BFF.fm (or use that Tune-In app).  

pretty things that crush.

ladies can decorate their lovely limbs and skins with all kinds of gems, sparkly things, and crafted numbers, but sporting just any ol' chunk of metal can be pretty dull. jewelry can shout from your finger with a wild sheen or slink around your wrist with a sultry twist. the right piece makes your wardrobe take a bow. it succumbs attention; breaks stuff and makes people trip. it crushes. 

hence why we dig Witness Company's collection of hand-crafted wares from williamsburg. this new york crew is "psyched on everything badass"--we dig the vagueness of such a statement, cuz yup, uh huh--and turn this enthusiasm into solid brass and silver adornments that howl. 

these fat pieces of metal are mad--poured and cast into shapes that combat adventures, come dirt, open roads, crashing waves, or sticky bar tops. 

another week. another weekend.

ours was pretty cool. & you?

party in the news.


spilled a few secrets in the San Francisco Bay Guardian about our backyard rock show. if you find it helpful in planning your very own yard shindig, cheetles better be on the guest list. 

peep the piece @www.sfbg.com 

cheetles & guitars in the yard.

We put on a badass rock and roll show in the backyard and handed out mini hello, cheetle party packs to all the lovely humans in attendance. Tunes by A Million Billion Dying Suns & Disappearing People, DJ set by Professional Fans. Beer provided by Newcastle Brown Ale. good times. wild times. yip. All the killer snaps by Erin Conger Photo.

stroll. sip. spill.


lost a little juice but she wasn't trippin. 

on throwing a lady dinner party.

lady dinner.JPG

Girl got a badass promotion. Bff is aching to kiss and tell. Lady needs advice on baby bangs.  Life is filled with bits that call for careful attention and total appreciation, but days are short and nights are a little blurry. Hosting a regular lady dinner party proves to be one of the best ways to dish on your crew's latest shenanigans while also getting a belly full of treats.

Put on that apron hand-stitched by your Aunt Lily (or perhaps you tie on the ripped number that you wore as a child while playing 'house'--ya, I still have it) and snatch a wooden spoon. Even if your besties aren't rad behind the stove, corner stores stock all kinds of sick things that drunk women will eat, i.e. double-stuffed Oreos, bruised apples, ice creams, chips, and pickles. I've seen girls nosh on maple syruped Egos after licking clean a pot of made-from-scratch mac 'n' blue cheese. All is fair in snacks and snacks. 

Assigning babes a dish/course keeps all in check (also deters last-minute flaking) and the table full. Skipping this step may find the evening's menu overpopulated with kale salad and cheese--there needs to be chocolate. Jeeeeeezus. 

Oh, and everyone should bring booze, but especially newbies to the circle. A surplus will soon be a shortage. Those who come late must also bring booze. That's the rule. It cancels out tardiness. 

You'll probably laugh a lot and sometimes someone cries a little because these evenings are absurdly special. Share your secrets. Snag yourself a job interview or a blind date. Tell each other how fucking cool you are. Maybe the pie crust sucks, maybe half the room is veg and someone made the soup with chicken broth, or maybe everything is fucking divine and sparkles and delights and everyone passes out 20 minutes later because they're so full of goodies. Or, hell. It's time to play Chat Roulette and break out the whisky.

hunting and gathering.


Found this red beauty on the sidewalk. A boy in slippers carried it home. 

caught on film: Diane Coffee

At the age of six, Shaun Fleming--drummer boy of Foxygen--was skippin' kindergarden and punchin' the clock as the voice behind some beloved cartoon characters , ie. roles in The Lion King, Lilo & Stitch, Kim Possible,  and other '90s-kid hits. Now the real boy is releasing a debut album, My Friend Fish, on which he sings about his nostalgia for fence-free adventures, love beneath trees, and the curious happenings of rural spaces. 

Totally diggin' his hazy '60s vibe and obviously all this naughty, after-school action in the video for "Green." Meet me in the parking lot at three? Let's get into it, kids. 

trick or treat? naw. whisky please.


...well if you insist. I'll take a double and as many chocolates as I can fit in my pocket. 

backyard partypartyparty.

hello, cheetle. is throwing a creep show and inviting all the kittens to come play in the yard for a Sunday afternoon of heavy shredding, beer drinking, and ratty twirlin'. Fence to fence. Fog or sun. Yes, the neighbors are going to shake their fists (some with approval, some with fury) and yes, the cops may be telephoned--but we promise to keep things cool. Time to twirl around. Rad jams will be blasting from the following homies:

A Million Billion Dying Suns: These SF-turned-LA boys play real LOUD rock and roll, and shit, it's gonna be funnnnnn. Nate murders his guitar and the bloodbath is gonna turn up a crowd of toothy grins.  

Disappearing PeopleThese Oakland cats are spooky, which is exactly why we're excited to host them. Creeps be comin' out. 

They'll also be a DJ Set by Professional FansTheir monthly showcases hit every venue in town. We trust their taste. 

We'll have beer from Newcastle Brown Ale to get you loose and we might just have a special hello, cheetle. treat with your name on it. Fingers crossed for warm rays, but come swathed in layers just in case, bb. A whisky coat is KEY. 

Oh, and wear your hair down...you're gonna wanna get some knots in there.