backyard partypartyparty.

hello, cheetle. is throwing a creep show and inviting all the kittens to come play in the yard for a Sunday afternoon of heavy shredding, beer drinking, and ratty twirlin'. Fence to fence. Fog or sun. Yes, the neighbors are going to shake their fists (some with approval, some with fury) and yes, the cops may be telephoned--but we promise to keep things cool. Time to twirl around. Rad jams will be blasting from the following homies:

A Million Billion Dying Suns: These SF-turned-LA boys play real LOUD rock and roll, and shit, it's gonna be funnnnnn. Nate murders his guitar and the bloodbath is gonna turn up a crowd of toothy grins.  

Disappearing PeopleThese Oakland cats are spooky, which is exactly why we're excited to host them. Creeps be comin' out. 

They'll also be a DJ Set by Professional FansTheir monthly showcases hit every venue in town. We trust their taste. 

We'll have beer from Newcastle Brown Ale to get you loose and we might just have a special hello, cheetle. treat with your name on it. Fingers crossed for warm rays, but come swathed in layers just in case, bb. A whisky coat is KEY. 

Oh, and wear your hair're gonna wanna get some knots in there.