pretty things that crush.

ladies can decorate their lovely limbs and skins with all kinds of gems, sparkly things, and crafted numbers, but sporting just any ol' chunk of metal can be pretty dull. jewelry can shout from your finger with a wild sheen or slink around your wrist with a sultry twist. the right piece makes your wardrobe take a bow. it succumbs attention; breaks stuff and makes people trip. it crushes. 

hence why we dig Witness Company's collection of hand-crafted wares from williamsburg. this new york crew is "psyched on everything badass"--we dig the vagueness of such a statement, cuz yup, uh huh--and turn this enthusiasm into solid brass and silver adornments that howl. 

these fat pieces of metal are mad--poured and cast into shapes that combat adventures, come dirt, open roads, crashing waves, or sticky bar tops.