on throwing a lady dinner party.

lady dinner.JPG

Girl got a badass promotion. Bff is aching to kiss and tell. Lady needs advice on baby bangs.  Life is filled with bits that call for careful attention and total appreciation, but days are short and nights are a little blurry. Hosting a regular lady dinner party proves to be one of the best ways to dish on your crew's latest shenanigans while also getting a belly full of treats.

Put on that apron hand-stitched by your Aunt Lily (or perhaps you tie on the ripped number that you wore as a child while playing 'house'--ya, I still have it) and snatch a wooden spoon. Even if your besties aren't rad behind the stove, corner stores stock all kinds of sick things that drunk women will eat, i.e. double-stuffed Oreos, bruised apples, ice creams, chips, and pickles. I've seen girls nosh on maple syruped Egos after licking clean a pot of made-from-scratch mac 'n' blue cheese. All is fair in snacks and snacks. 

Assigning babes a dish/course keeps all in check (also deters last-minute flaking) and the table full. Skipping this step may find the evening's menu overpopulated with kale salad and cheese--there needs to be chocolate. Jeeeeeezus. 

Oh, and everyone should bring booze, but especially newbies to the circle. A surplus will soon be a shortage. Those who come late must also bring booze. That's the rule. It cancels out tardiness. 

You'll probably laugh a lot and sometimes someone cries a little because these evenings are absurdly special. Share your secrets. Snag yourself a job interview or a blind date. Tell each other how fucking cool you are. Maybe the pie crust sucks, maybe half the room is veg and someone made the soup with chicken broth, or maybe everything is fucking divine and sparkles and delights and everyone passes out 20 minutes later because they're so full of goodies. Or, hell. It's time to play Chat Roulette and break out the whisky.